Wednesday, April 14, 2010

✿ Flowery Farewell ✿

Check this one out! Amazing illustration from my kickin ass Yola, Tatiana, and Fenny!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Paper Sister

Paper Sister

And for all this time shed been waiting

through big brown envelopes letters

Would it be matter-theyre paper sisters

Would it be matter?

She sounded so marry to see her blue chamber

and found the palace of her sister

but has it got to be that way?

Hey friend, youre not outside her

heart for she saw her graceful life

Would it be matter-pepper sisters

Is she still the same?

But she still shares everything with her

Though now it seems to her that shes now

changing into something she hates

-a raindrop on her shiny days-

Will they still share plate and glass

pepper sisters

Is she still sharing her pillow?

Say, sister youre blocking my way,

she thinks, shed say it inside her heart

Why paper sister,

Shes still using her pencil colors

and drawing for you

Without big brown envelopes letters


You know how less time she feels now

But she can only do nothing

but watch her walks further


Monday, December 14, 2009

Ljubi in WonderDay

Let’s go out, Lup!

And see the how people change in the neighborhood

And list how many of them who still recognize us

Let’s buy the gloomiest flower

And give each of them away randomly to our impulsive favorite strangers

They might be someone gay

They might be a hot single mama

Or the black dressed widow

Let’s walk along the orchard road

And smile only to the chosen creatures

And stop over a café to have a drink of the liquor we obsessed

It could be irish coffee or just plain tea

And put every meal we love into our sandwich

then laugh at its very funny taste that the sandwich can be

Let’s talk about how cloudy the weather like no other day has ever been

Let’s put the loveliest dress we see in the boutique

And play Bjork and Tori wannabe

Then let’s pay for the cheapest one

with every penny-coin we collect

Let’s invite our long forgotten tg friends

and play god like we used to be

Let’s take them to the garden of ivy

And make them ring every doorbell of every house we pass

Let’s spend 30 minutes to read

Mrs Dalloway, Secret Garden or Alice in Wonderland

And let’s end the day

by hiding under the blankets

and releasing the thought of

“You know how much I love you…”

Thursday, December 10, 2009

❀❀ Rory's BlackShower ❀❀

This picture was taken during The Blackenthered's Baby Shower for Rory, November 21, 2009 in the Blackenthered's Abyss. Soon to be Ibu Ljubi looked so pretty, shiny, and happy. Lookit her rosey cheeks, I would kill to have them!

Ljubi, ljubi, I can't wait for Rory. She'll be beautiful, i just know :)

Congratulations for becoming an Ibu for my ljubi.
And congratulations for being a Auntie Flo for me.

I dream about thee, Rory

I dream about thee, dear Rory
Lookin flowery, so pretty
"Thou art the world to me,"
As I talk to Ljubi's belly

I dream about thee, my Rory
I cried, while thou are smiling so tenderly
I said, "I couldn't take care of thee,
I'd be faraway, but my heart,
they belong to thee..."

How I love thee, my Rory
Thou art such a chubby chubby
Thou have all the love of my ljubi

And I dream about thee, little Rory
forgive me, thy flowery auntie
I heart thee
I cry for thee

So I dream about thee, my petite Rory...

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Death of Crestfallen

So I decided to kill her.

As I made peace with my sins, I don’t need anymore innocent mask to cover it all, finally.

Crestfallen is too fragile, she couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to handle the days ahead. She doesn’t deserve it; it’s too much pain. So I killed her for her own good.

They have created a new one for me, The FloLady as they call her. She is much stronger, livelier; she socializes, she has the confidence and she doesn’t smoke too much. It’s just what I need now, a spring darkling.

The only thing that Crestfallen and FloLady have in common is that, they both share the same great passion for flowers, especially roses.

It’s not a hard option; she just needs to be killed, so FLoLady can domineer. She doesn’t need three or four weak characters; she can’t kill Sxiinner for sure, well, not for now. Sxiinner is too strong for her right now; even FloLady has to agree with this at the moment. So murdering Crestfallen is obviously the easiest solution; she was weak, fragile, lonesome, smoking too much, melancholy, listening too much to Sxiinner who kept making her worse and she is almost invisible. And currently, she was like disappearing! Now, that’s an easy choice, no?

I shed no tears in doing this. And I hope I won’t regret it.

Sayonara, Crestfallen.

The FloLady